The Performing Arts Services Hub (PASH) is a perfect venue for artists, arts organisations and community groups. It is also  ideal for private sector companies and government agencies looking for a trendy and artistic venue.

PASH has three well presented rooms that are the ideal size for theatre rehearsals, auditions, production meetings, workshops, classes  and presentations. For  corporate and government purposes the rooms are also appropriate for running corporate training sessions, meetings and presentations.

PASH also has two small offices available for artistic and community organisations looking for a casual or regular office for administrative work.

PASH is committed to providing value for money space in a friendly and comfortable environment. To this end PASH has specifically set two hire rates. One subsidised rate targeted at artistic and community groups and one regular rate for corporate and government.

Our People

PASH has a small committed team with experience in both the performing arts and general administration.

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